February 23, 2018

Six Months In “My 7 Links”

Being a new travel blogger, I was honored by the invitation to participate in the My 7 Links project I received from Cathy of Traveling with Sweeney.  The timing of this actually coincides with the 6 month anniversary of European Travelista so it is a great time to take a look back at some of the posts I’ve published.  It was much harder than I thought to choose the posts to include even though I only have 6 months to sort through!

But I jumped in and here are My 7 Links .  .  .


Most Beautiful – Italy’s South Tirol: Wine and the Dolomites

Majestic Dolomites South Tirol Italy
Majestic Dolomites from Suditirol Marketind/Frieder Blickle

Spurred by a wine tasting my husband and I enjoyed in Avila Beach, California this post has relit my interest with the Dolomites.  I just can’t get over how dramatic and beautiful this region is.  This is where I can combine some of my favorites:  quaint villages, dramatic mountains, outdoor activities and wine!

Most Popular – Rocamadour – A Miraculous Village

This post could have also made it in the Most Surprising category!  At the last minute, I put up a few pictures I had taken while in Rocamadour France for Travel Photo Thursday.  I wasn’t very happy with the photographs but was out of time so that is what went up.  Who would have known it would be so popular!  I still can’t figure it out.

Rauchbier Spezial Bamberg, Germany by Ethan Prater, on Flickr

Rauchbier Spezial Bamberg, Germany by Ethan Prater, on Flickr

Most Controversial – Bamberg plus Beer equals Dilemma

Well I’m not sure this really fits in the most controversial category but I really don’t write about controversial things.  But this could be controversial, right?  I mean if people get all upset because of a sporting event someone could get real positional about a beer or brewery, don’t you think?! ?  Go with me here on this one 🙂

Most Helpful – Baroque: The Emotional Style

I have written a series on the different architectural styles you will find in Europe.  So far I have covered Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and Rococo but chose Baroque because it was my personal favorite.  I’d like to think this series has helped us all learn a little more about the styles we see so often when traveling.

Most Surprising Success – Rhine Falls – Europe’s Biggest

Who knew everyone loves a waterfall?  I sure do now.  This one is another submission to Travel Photo Thursday and I never really expected such a reaction.Olivier Magny O Chateau Paris France

Deserved More Attention – Wine Tasting in Paris with O Chateau!

This was my first and only interview I have ever done and I was so excited to share O Chateau with everyone.  I really enjoyed putting this together as I was really tickled by Olivier’s sense of humor and  I like wine (in case you didn’t know 🙂 )!  It didn’t totally bomb but I was surprised it didn’t get a better reception.

Most Proud Of – Welcome to European Travelista. . .

This was the very first post I published on European Travelista.  I am most proud of this one not because it is an example of exemplary writing or because the topic is so grand but because it was a huge step forward for me to launch this blog.  By pushing the “publish” button I stepped into a foreign world and I am so glad I did!  I have learned so much from you all and appreciate your camaraderie even if we have never met.  So thank you all for a great 6 months!



My nominations for the My 7 Links project are:

Sensible Travel Advice

Quirky Travel Guy

Lisa Overman

Quiet Wanderings

Travel To Sun

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  1. Great selection for your 7–great way to headline with the Dolomites!

  2. Grace says:

    I’m surprised the wine tasting post did not get much attention as I thought that it wasn’t everyday that a blogger gets to interview a sommelier. I’m reading your most controversial post next. I’m kinda on the same boat as you are I couldn’t find a controversial enough post- I want to see if I can write one =)
    Grace recently posted..POTM’s take on the ‘My 7 Links’

  3. Sophie says:

    Happy half-year, Debbie. I always enjoy your posts 🙂
    Sophie recently posted..My 7 links

  4. Christina says:

    Debbie, congratulations on the 6 month anniversary! Jandal Road is just as young 🙂 I love your posts, especially those about Bavarian towns and villages. I was born in Bamberg and grew up in a village close by, and it’s wonderful to read how enthusiastic you are about the region – makes me realise how beautiful the part of the world is where I am from. Loved your Bamberg post, and I hope you have a great time there. Wish I was there to show you around!
    Christina recently posted..My 7 Links: what you may have missed on Jandal Road

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      Thanks Christina! I will have a great time in Bamberg this summer. It would be great to have you as a guide 🙂

  5. Adrian B. says:

    Congratulations on the 6 month anniversary of European Travelista!
    Europe is my home continent and I’ve visited my fare share of it, but I must say I always enjoy your coverage of European cities and love to discover them through your posts.
    Keep up the good work!
    Adrian B. recently posted..Walking Tour Through the Heart of Little Paris

  6. I was one of those who did give attention to “Tasting in Paris with O Chateau!”, and not just because of Olivier’s resemblance to Jude Law! (Even left a comment at the time). I always enjoy your posts and these are great highlights.
    Cathy Sweeney recently posted..Amsterdam’s Bikes and Boats

  7. Terrific selections, Debbie! That photo of the Dolomites is worthy of being hung up at a museum. Also, I don’t know how I missed ’em, but I love your idea of a series highlighting different architectural styles. I’m going to go back and read them all now. Congratulations of 6 months!! 🙂
    Michael Figueiredo recently posted..Travel Photo Thursday: Copacabana Beach at Sunset

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      Thanks Michael! You’re right about the pic of Dolomites. I just looked at it again and am in awe!

  8. I am a newbie too, so these My 7 Links posts have been really great for me to check out some of the earlier posts from the people I follow. I was happy to help you with your beer dilemma 🙂

    And I see a wine tasting posting on this list that I don’t believe I have read. Reading it now!
    The Travel Chica recently posted..At Least I’m Alive

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      I agree, this project has been great! I really do appreciate you helping with my beer dilemma. I’ll come to you first if I have any other similar dilemmas 🙂

  9. inka says:

    Well done and a huge and well deserved success for 6 months. The glamour granny is only 2 months older and I perfectly remember the thrill of pressing that ‘publish`button for the first time.
    inka recently posted..London in Olympics fever

  10. Have to agree with the most beautiful! I love the Tirol region!
    Jeremy Branham recently posted..Airport guide for travelers – flights, apps, guides, technology, sleeping, and more

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