February 23, 2018

Bamberg Beer Failure

Bamberg is a beautiful city famously known around the globe for beer.

Hopfen und Malz, Mai Gott erhalt’s! (Hops and Malt, May God preserve them!) is a common saying in this city which is home to 9 breweries.

Located in the northern Bavaria, Bamberg is home to 70,000 people and was the first stop on a recent trip to Europe.  In Bamberg plus Beer equals Dilemma I discussed the 9 breweries in Bamberg and mused about which ones I should visit.

Departing San Francisco I really had hopes of reaching all 9 breweries in Bamberg!  Lofty goal, I know, but I was still optimistic.

Alas that was not to be 🙁

By the time I arrived in Bamberg, I actually only had 1 ½ days to see the sights and drink at 9 breweries!  I hadn’t given up hope but the 95° temperature definitely played a roll in slowing me down.  Besides not really wanting to move quickly, I didn’t want food or beer.

Despite the adversity, I did make it to 3 – Ambrausianum, Schlenkerla and Klosterbrau!

Ambrausianum Beer Bamberg Bavaria Germany

Ambrausianum Beer

At Ambrausianum, I enjoyed a very nice Hell beer!  I enjoyed this wonderful nectar of the gods while sitting under an umbrella waiting for the brief rain storm to pass.  This is also the location that made me realize “I’m in Germany!”

Schlenkerla Beer Bamberg Bavaria Germany

Schlenkerla Rauchbier

Schlenkerla is home to a famous smoked beer called Rauchbier.  I had heard this beer tasted like bacon and wasn’t really very excited to try it but thought I had to do it!  My verdict, it didn’t taste like bacon and I actually really liked it!  I thought the smoky flavor complemented the other beer qualities.

Klosterbrau Beer Bamberg Bavaria Germany

Klosterbrau Beer

Klosterbrau is the oldest functioning brewery left in Bamberg and sits next to the Regnitz river.  After a morning of wandering the city I decided I needed to sit and have something to eat and drink.  Founded in 1533, Klosterbrau’s Pil’s was just what was needed!

I was disappointed that I didn’t make it to more breweries but this leaves the door open for my return!

There is so much beer in Bamberg and the breweries just touch the surface.

Next time I won’t neglect the Beer Kellers most of which sit high above the city and offer awesome views.  Fassla, Spezial, Mahrs and Wilde Rose are just a few of the Kellers that may make on my list the next time I visit Bamberg.


Have you set a travel goal that didn’t get met?

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  2. Dan says:

    My god, I need some of that sweet, sweet beer 🙂

  3. Scott says:

    What about the Onion, lol? Did you find it?
    Scott recently posted..STL > RTW

  4. Sailor says:

    Nice to see that you explore the local places in detail. I wish I was more detailed like you when I travel.
    Sailor recently posted..Should You Take Out Travel Insurance for a Cruise?

  5. Marky says:

    Oktoberfest here we go. Interesting brand of beers, would love to taste em all and keep each bottle as a souvenir
    Marky recently posted..Nomadic Experiences in Print

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      I like your idea of keeping the bottles! Although I think I only had one that was in a bottle, I’ll keep it in mind. If I remember correctly, you could also buy steins and/or glasses with the brewery on them.

  6. Gerimie says:

    hopefully i can try those drinks looks pretty cool..thanks for sharing now i imagine how nice to go germany..
    Gerimie recently posted..play angry birds game

  7. robin says:

    So frustrating to be against the clock sometimes! – and Bamberg is such a beautiful, beautiful city. It easily merits its World heritage status.

    When you return you must try a kellerbier – it’s a type of unfiltered lager, much tastier than hell for example and several of the breweries do it. One of my favourites is Mahrs Braeu 🙂
    robin recently posted..Hombre

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      Thanks for the beer tip. I will give it try next time I visit. I really would like to spend more leisure time in Bamberg.

  8. Michael says:

    You’ve downed more beer in that short period that I can get through in a year.
    Michael recently posted..The Story Of Tyrol And Its Schwabenkinder (Swabian Children)

  9. Hah! Love this. Looks Delicious.
    We love to combine beer and travel. You might like this post we just did

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      I did enjoy your post. I like to combine travel and drink. It just so happens that the area I was in has a lot of beer associated with it!

  10. Nine Breweries in 1 1/2 days?! Can you imagine if you had actually met your goal? My goodness, you wouldn’t be able to remember enough to write about it.

    I’m blotto after just one beer – and we’re talkin’ US sized beers. 🙂
    Caanan @ No Vacation Required recently posted..Entitlement Sucks

  11. Katherina says:

    Oh no, I hate what this happens (and it does happen to me quite often – that I set a goal and can’t make it). But I think we have to be able to deal with it… seriously, if you would have made it to 9 breweries in 1 and a half days – you would have been my hero. I think that’s impossible to make!

    I still remember the time I went to New Zealand with my new hiking boots, hoping to complete the 8 hour Tongariro hike. Yeah, I wasn’t fit enough… and what if after 3 hours climbing up I gave up? It still feels terrible (specially becuase I dragged those boots all the way to the other side of the World!)… but I couldn’t do it. Must wait for the next time! (I hope Switzerland has now prepared me for hikes!)
    Katherina recently posted..Photo Essay: Swimming in Crystalline Azure Water

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      Oh thanks for making me feel better! It was a lofty goal and I probably knew I really wasn’t going to make it to all 9 but more than 3 would have been nice. This leaves the door open for more opportunities 🙂

  12. jenjenk says:

    is it my imagination or does Germany [and austria for that matter] have the HUGEST servings of beer?? The first time I went to Germany back in ’97, I could barely lift the glass! I have to say, it was the best pour I’ve ever had! 🙂
    jenjenk recently posted..Oahu: Surfing Lessons in Waikiki


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