February 23, 2018

Five of the Best Sweet Treats to Try in Paris

Sweet Treats in Paris France

Sweet Treats in Paris by Canon s3

When strolling along famous Paris streets like the Champs-Elysées and Rue Royale, your nose will be assaulted by delicious odors wafting from some of the greatest bakers, confectioners and chocolatiers in France.

Don’t be tempted by imitators – when in Paris, go for the original and best creators of world-famous sweet treats. See the top five places to satisfy your sweet tooth and your sense of occasion below…

1)  for bonbons: l’Etoile d’Or

Bernachon chocolates Paris by Ricardo

Bernachon chocolates Paris by Ricardo

Denise Acabo’s knowledge of chocolate is the stuff of local legend and though the French may passionately debate about which type is their favourite, everyone agrees that the perfect delivery system for her chocolate masterpieces are her heavenly bonbons.

Although retired now, Denise’s enthusiasm for making the most delicious sweet treats in Paris still rules her shop, and those seeking the ultimate chocolate experience continue to make a beeline to her door despite all the competition this epicurean city has to offer.  Many chocoholics confess that l’Etoile d’Or is their first stop when they get to Paris to get their bonbon fix and last stop before they leave Paris so they can stock up!

Where: 30 Rue Pierre Fontaine

2)  for hot chocolate: Angelina Cafe

glorious angelina's hot chocolate Paris France

Glorious Angelina's Hot Chocolate by Ingrid

Even though it’s known as a tea salon, that is not what put the quaint little Angelina’s Cafe near the Jardin de Tuileries on the list of “must taste” treats in Paris – it is, undoubtedly, the hot chocolate.

You may wonder what is so special about this hot chocolate, but when it arrives at your marble top table on a gleaming silver tray with a separate cream decanter sporting a silver spoon, you’ll start get the picture. Chocolat L’Africain (African chocolate) is what made Angelina’s Café famous, which is why the recipe is still a closely guarded secret that you have to come all the way to Paris to try for yourself.

Even though the cafe offers delicious pastries to nibble as well as breakfast and lunch delights, true aficionados want nothing to interfere with the experience of savouring what many consider the most satisfying hot chocolate in the world.

Where:  226 Rue de Rivoli

3)  for a glazed croissant: Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé Croissant Paris France

Pierre Hermé Croissant by Michal

Often compared to a religious experience, the glazed croissants made by Pierre Hermé are described in decidedly ecstatic terms by visitors who have tasted the perfect blend of flaky pastry wrapped around a pate of rose essence covered with a delicate confectioner’s sugar glaze.

Almost too pretty to eat, the infamous glazed rose croissant with its crowning touch of candied rose petals is such a work of art that it is often photographed thoroughly by delighted visitors before it is cheerfully devoured.

But it gets even better, there are lots variations with subtle hints of almonds, raspberries and, of course, chocolate – giving the rose croissant experience the potential to take your taste buds to you to the realm of the profound.

Where:  185 Rue de Vaugirard and 72 Rue Bonaparte

4)  for ice cream: Berthillon

Berthillon ice cream Paris France

Berthillon Ice Cream by Maki

If you’re wrestling with the concept of “healthy ice cream”, head for the little island in the middle of the Seine where the Berthillon (don’t pronounce the “h”) Ice Cream Shop can be found and you will understand it makes perfect sense.

Known as the luxury ice cream of Paris, this sweet treat is not mass produced but only made locally for patrons who walk in the door. Using top-quality organic milk, eggs and cream is just the first step, adding in the right blend of unexpected fresh fruits like apples, oranges, pears and even grapes is their secret to concocting what are unanimously considered the most delicious ice creams and sorbets in all Paris – and that’s saying something.

Even if your taste is more to the plain vanilla variety, you’ll find your dream ice cream waiting in this deceptively ordinary atmosphere. The selection of rich flavours, creamy textures and delicious ice cream dishes have a magical quality that is so spellbinding it keeps you coming back for more, but to avoid disappointment don’t show up on Monday or Tuesday when the shop is closed – even ice cream wizards have to rest!

Where:  29-31 Île Saint-Louis

5)  for macaroons: Ladurée

Ladurée Paris France

Ladurée by Leo

The epitome of the restaurant for ladies who lunch, the famous Ladurée macaroons are what sets this little café chain apart from all the others.

Described by some as what happens when Willy Wonka meets Marie-Antoinette, this delicious decadence is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palette. Presented in a rainbow of colours that coordinate with the filling’s taste, these one-of-a-kind macaroons are crisp on the outside, smooth on the inside and bursting with flavour.

Ladurée macaroons are not, however, served fresh from the oven but sit patiently for two days so the creamy ganache filling sandwiched between two crispy cakes can achieve the optimum blend of texture and flavour – they’ve obviously got this down to an art.

Sweet-tooths beware, they have positioned their shops within walking distance of each other in the heart of Paris because they know once you’ve tried their macaroons, you’ll be drawn back for more like a moth to a flame.

Where:  75 Avenue des Champs-Elysées, 13 Rue Lincoln, 6 Rue Royale and 64 Boulevard Haussmann

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Favorite European Travel Moments

I have arrived back home from Europe a little tired but none the worse for wear.  As I am attempting to re-acclimate and get caught up I have also been spending time reminiscing about the trip I have just taken.

Below are some of the experiences that stand out.

When I looked over this list I noticed that none of them are museum, tours or events but just life being experienced in a foreign land.  To me this is what travel is all about.  It is these experiences that make travel come alive.

So here are a “few of my favorite things”!

  • Heading up to a lake above Mittenwald to cool off!  Surrounded by the mountains it was a great place to relax and put my feet in the lake.

    Lautersee above Mittenwald Germany

    Lautersee above Mittenwald

  • During the first afternoon in Bamberg there was a brief rain storm.  Instead of hiding inside I decided to take refuge from the rain under an umbrella and enjoy a beer, bowl of soup and realized I’m in Germany!
  • Enjoying local music while having a traditional Bavarian meal in MittenwaldGotta love that oompah music!
  • Wandering from one platz to the next and coming across an amazing group of men playing awesome classical music in Salzburg.  This musical city did not disappoint.
  • The uncomfortable feeling in my stomach realizing that my guide at the Synagogue in Budapest was born in the Budapest ghetto.  The children of WWII are all we really have left and it is their stories that will keep the memory alive for the future.

    Soccer Fans in Budapest Hungary

    Soccer Fans in Budapest

  • Experiencing football fanaticism up close and personal in Budapest!  Not sure there was anyone left in Sweden because they all showed up to route for their team.  Although they lost the European Championship Qualifying round, I’m sure they had a good time!
  • As I watched children melt under the heat, I realized there is a universal language.  Reading their faces I could tell exactly what they were saying even though I couldn’t understand a word out of their mouths.  Body language is the universal language.

    Mountain above Innsbruck Austria with snow

    Mountains above Innsbruck

  • The mountains in Innsbruck dusted with snow the morning after a thunder storm and the views of the mountains in Mittenwald.  There is such peace in the enormity of these mountains.

These are a few of my favorite moments while I was traveling.  As the weeks go on I will be sharing with you more details of my travels experiences in Germany, Austria and Hungary.

What are your favorite memories when traveling?