February 18, 2018

Goatherd Encounter in Mittenwald

While all of traveling results in special memories, every once in awhile we have an extra special memory that stays with us for years!

One of these travel moments happened while I was in Mittenwald Germany.

If you are a Sound of Music fan, you know “High on a hill was a lonely Goatherd” is the opening line to a song written by Rodgers & Hammerstein and sung during the Marionette scene in The Sound of Music.  The “Lonely Goatherd” song is one of my favorites but

Did you know Goatherders are real and can be found in the Bavarian Alps?

I have never given much thought to Goatherders until I ran smack dab into them in the hills above Mittenwald.Hummel Little Goat HerderI really thought they only existed in this song or the Hummel figurine.

I was wrong!

It was scorching the day I arrived in Mittenwald.  My hotel, the Alpenrose, suggested I take the bus up to one of the local lakes to cool off.  After spending a little time wandering the village and touring the Violin museum, I decided to take their suggestion and escape the heat by climbing in elevation.Lautersee a lake above Mittenwald Bavaria Germany

The bus dropped me off at Lautersee a beautiful lake high above Mittenwald and surrounded by mountains.  As I wandered around the lake, all of a sudden I heard a lot of ringing bells.    My initial thought was “Wow, these hills are alive with the sound of music!”Goats making beautiful music Lautersee Mittenwald Germany

Not being able to see what was making all the noise but expecting cows; I turned the corner and came face to face with a large herd of goats!  They were everywhere.Goatherders in Lederhosen Mittenwald Germany

After taking a few pictures, I continued along the path and noticed two goatherders sitting under the nearby tree to my right.  They were even dressed in Lederhosen!

OMG, they’re real!!!!!

The goatherder of song and story actually exists.

As the afternoon wore on, I ended up at the edge of the lake to dip my feet in the cool water.  With shoes and socks off I heard the bells getting louder and louder.  They were coming right at me!  Some came to the waters edge for a drink and others kept to the trail.Goats stopping for water on the way home Mittenwald Germany

There were two goatherders leading the pack and one bringing up the rear!Goatherders leading the way home Mittenwald Germany

My close encounter of the goat kind was one of my favorite memories of this trip!  Experiencing culture and randomness like this is so much fun.

Goatherders. . . Who would have thought?!!?


What is your favorite travel memory?

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  1. Ahoj, myslím, že je to vynikající blog.

    Dávám to na Facebook a určitě se zase přijdu pobavit
    😉 A hned bych to označil jako oblíbené, kdyby to šlo.
    venkovni-rolety.webflow.io recently posted..venkovni-rolety.webflow.io

  2. robin says:

    Ha! So sometimes reality does meet our romantic expectations – I remember driving through a succession of Bavarian villages with K’s parents. We saw a brass band wearing lederhosen in the first one and they turned to me and assured me that it was unusual and Bavaria wasn’t usually such a cliche! As if in cue we saw lederhosen, dirndls and brass bands in every other village we passed through that morning!
    robin recently posted..El Idioma

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      Wow thats a great way to put it! I saw quite a few people in Lederhosen and dirndls on this trip too. It is so great to see the culture is still alive!

  3. Sailor says:

    Yes and again, I wish I could be one of those shepherds.

    I used to do that a lot when I was a kid in my village with my family goats.
    Sailor recently posted..Mississippi River Cruises Return in Spring

  4. This doesn’t really surprise me. It’s amazing the things they still do in some of these Alpine areas. Glad they have these as aren’t goats and sheep dumb enough that they actually fall off of the mountains? 🙂
    Jeremy Branham recently posted..Where in the world am I? And the winner is…

  5. Steve says:

    Hmmm…crazy busy, slave to the dollar, North American lifestyle, or goatherder in Germany…
    Seems like an easy decision.
    If only I looked good in lederhosen!
    Thanks for the smile. I love the shot of the goats blocking the road.
    Steve recently posted..The Turtles of Laniakea Beach

  6. Great story and pictures
    It is amazing how people still live like they did decades ago.
    Some things will never change, which is good.
    Good job Debbie.
    John D. Wilson
    John D. Wilson recently posted..Want to get away from it all? The Republic of Mauritius might just be the place!

  7. Okay, this is awesome – I would have flipped out! And those goatherders are adorable.
    Technosyncratic recently posted..Photo Essay: Stonehenge

  8. Marlys says:

    And is it true they yodel? 😉
    Marlys recently posted..Is This The Cheapest Train Ticket In Germany?

  9. Sophie says:

    Goatherders, cowherders – great traditions kept alive in the Alps. Would probably be a fun summer job, don’t you think… being out all day, having lunch (and probably wine) in the grass, fabulous views…
    Sophie recently posted..River Music and Water Spirits

  10. Laurel says:

    How fun! I thought they were just back in the “old days” didn’t realize you could find them now. I haven’t made it to Mittenwald yet, but there’s a ton of hikes I want to do in the region.
    Laurel recently posted..My Favorite Room in the Munich Residenz

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      Me either! There are tons of hikes in and around Mittenwald. I would love to go back and spend time hiking around.

  11. Lisa says:

    What a cool experience! I love this! Unexpected moments are the best,
    Lisa recently posted..Amish Country: Amish Culture, an exploration in fall

  12. Erik says:

    Picking an absolute favorite would be tough…

    One of them would be wandering out to The Western Wall on my first night in Israel (a Friday night about an hour after getting there). It was one of those goosebump raising moments, an ‘I am really here” moment.
    Erik recently posted..Northern California- Day Four

  13. My great grandmother collected Hummels. I had not even thought about them since I was a kid, so your post brought a flock of memories back (pun intended).

    Those goat-herder outfits are really cute!
    Caanan @ No Vacation Required recently posted..Lose the Weight


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