January 18, 2018

European Villages Discovered – Giethoorn

In European Villages Discovered-Kuressaare we discovered a small but amazing village in Estonia.  I thought it was time to discover another gem Europe has to offer us.

Today’s excursion takes us to the northwest portion of Holland where we encounter an extremely lovely village that only has canals for roads.

Beautiful and Picturesque Giethoorn Holland

Giethoorn by --{@rwen, on Flickr

There are many reasons to visit Holland – Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam or the cheese and tulips are just a few of the joys waiting for you.  Venturing out from these more well known reasons to visit Holland is a small village that is charming, picturesque and waiting for you to discover it!

House along Canal in Giethoorn Holland

Giethoorn House by Bj.schoenmakers

Sitting about an hour from Amsterdam lies Giethoorn. Known as the “Venice of the Netherlands”, Giethoorn has over 5 miles of canals running through the little village of approximately 2,600 people.

Punts lining the Canal in Giethoorn Holland

Punters by Michel Ehrenhard

Founded by fugitives from the Mediterranean region in 1230, today there are no roads within this old villageWhere did the canals come from?  Peat.

Peat was a big commodity of centuries past and it was the digging of the peat that formed the many small lakes in the area.  The canals were made to transport the peat out to market.

Lovely Thatched Roof House in Giethoorn Holland

Lovely Thatched Roof House by Huji

Today you can enjoy the wonderful canals either by taking a guided canal tour, renting your own “whisper boat” or canoe, or by walking the many paths sprinkled through the village and along the canals.

Bridge over Canal in Giethoorn Holland

Bridge of Giethoorn by CrazyPhunk

Floating the canals will introduce you to the many wooden bridges spanning the canals and the 18th & 19th century thatched roofed houses hiding between the trees. Many of the homes are only reachable via the canals or by crossing one of the many bridges dotting the village.  How cool would it be to arrive home in this manner?

I think this would be one of the most relaxing and wonderful ways to spend a few hours or a day.  Picnic anyone?

Giethoorn Holland

giethoorn by sara_vh, on Flickr

Geithoorn is a wonderful little village that is full of unparalleled beauty. The beautiful and peaceful atmosphere of this village is  calling me to visit.

Does it call you?  Do you have a favorite small European village to share?

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  2. Laurel says:

    I’ve never heard of Giethoorn, but your first sentence “it only has canals for roads” had me. I think I’d love this place.

  3. such lovely photos… well, because the village itself is so lovely. so serene.

  4. Lisa says:

    Oh my gosh, I think this is my favorite destination of yours yet. It is gorgeous and charming with those sweet houses and canals.

  5. Sophie says:

    Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this place. Giethoorn looks very picturesque!

  6. robin says:

    Very pretty – looks like a model it’s so perfect 🙂

  7. Mark Wiens says:

    That would be an amazing place to live…and for some ultimate relaxation! The homes and the peaceful canals are beautiful.

  8. jade says:

    I would love to live in this village- story book for sure, but so so lovely.

  9. inka says:

    Lovely, romantic and so very, very Dutch. I wonder what it’s like in winter though.

  10. Denise says:

    I do love Vittoriosa, a very pretty village in my home country

  11. jenjenk says:

    how lovely!!! i knew I should’ve spent more time exploring that country! 🙁 next time!!!

  12. I love discovering “new” places that I’ve never heard of before. Giethoorn looks gorgeous!

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      I agree with you Michael! Giethoorn does look gorgeous and new places are exciting to discover. Now I just need to get there 🙂

  13. OMG! It’s like Thomas Kinkade in real life. I want to go see something like that in person. It looks extraordinary!

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      I hadn’t thought of Kinkade but you’re right it does remind me of a painting he would do! Giethoorn does look extraordinary.

  14. Oooh… the homes look simply fantastic! If I were to have that extra money one day, I would most definitely buy a home by a river and have my own little boat. Simply Stunning Debbie and thanks for highlighting this.


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