February 21, 2018

Finding the Best Santa in Switzerland!

In Strange Games & Unique Festivals and Crazy Strange Sports we experienced some of the more unique games and sports that can be found in Europe.

Today I’ll share one that has a definite holiday feel to it!

Samnaun Valley Switzerland

Samnaun Valley by Fiesch Wikimedia Commons

For these games we will venture to Samnaun Switzerland which is home to the annual ClauWau Championships.    Samnaun is located at the border with both Italy and Austria and offers hiking and mountain biking during warmer months and an abundance of winter sports.  An added benefit, it is the only tax free resort in Switzerland!

The ClauWau competition is no joke folks as it crowns the World Champion Santa Claus!

While this is a serious competition, you will see it is also a grand Christmas celebration.

Group Photo ClauWau Samnaun Switzerland

Group Photo ClauWau Copyright Engadin Samnaun

Teams of 4 must all be decked out in Santa costumes to compete for the prize money!  Yes, there is actual cash to be had for the best 3 Santa teams showing their prowess in all events.  Each team will dance, climb, sing, run and act like children as they vie for the first prize money of approximately $5,800.

Sledding fun at ClauWau Samnaun Switzerland

Sledding fun at ClauWau Copyright Engadin Samnaun

To show they are capable of being the best Santa, teams compete in these events:

  1. The Zipfy Bob Race tests the speed and dexterity of each team as they race to the finish line in record time.
  2. The Santa Parade will judge each teams costume and Christmas spirit.
  3. Santa’s must know their way around the world and in Santa’s Journey each team will be able to show off their knowledge of the world’s sights by matching tourist sights to the city or country where they belong!

    ClauWau Samnaun Klauben Fun Switzerland

    Klauben Fun during ClauWau Copyright Engadin Samnaun

  4. As a way to show their artistic ability, Creative Santa asks each team decorate gingerbread and create an original and beautiful sculpture out of snow.
  5. Part of Santa’s job is to effectively distribute presents which requires Santa be a master at driving a sleigh, hence the Santa’s Sleigh Race!
  6. We all know how Santa gets into our houses, so it’s probably no surprise that there would be a Santa’s Chimney Climb.  Testing the ability of our competitors to scale a chimney while carrying a bag full of presents!

    Steinbock Race at ClauWau Samnaun Switzerland

    Steinbock Race at ClauWau Copyright Engadin Samnaun

  7. Santa Clauben is an event that finds all members snuggled under a very large Santa hat as they maneuver a course as quickly as possible while collecting presents along the way.
  8. The Steinbock Sprint is a relay race where teams compete while riding wooden rocking horses.
  9. With this much prize money at stake, each team gets ready to lay it all on the line in the Karaoke Santa event!  This grand finale is an ear shattering treat and a great way to end this amazing event!

    Karaoke at ClauWau Samnaun Switzerland

    Karaoke at ClauWau Copyright Engadin Samnaun

As you can see, the “competition” is full of fun and a perfect way to get in the Holiday spirit!


What is your favorite way to get in the Holiday spirit?

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  1. Denise says:

    wow that’s a lot of work! Sounds really fun though 🙂 The Swiss sure are strange people….

  2. What a fantastic way to have a gala time! With prize money too boot. The group photo with snow in the background looks amazing!

  3. jenjenk says:

    what a blast – i’d definitely want to ride the sled & the rocking horse race! 🙂

  4. The truth be told, the best way for me is to drink and be merry during the holiday season here in Malaysia.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family in advance Debbie!

  5. What an interesting competition but definitely results in a very well-rounded Santa. It would be so great to see this in person. The pictures truly capture the spirit and playfulness of the games. Thanks for sharing!

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      Thanks for stopping by Mary! I couldn’t agree with you more. This looks like a very fun event full of holiday cheer 🙂

  6. Now that looks like fun! No idea this was in Austria/Italy!

  7. Laurel says:

    This looks like so much fun and would definitely get me in the holiday spirit.

  8. Sophie says:

    World Championship for Santa Clauses. Somehow, I’d expected that to be in California rather than Switzerland. What fun!

  9. Santas having fun and getting a chance to win some $$$. How cool!

  10. Oh what fun it is to ride….This looks like an amazing event!!! And would love to be a Santa sledding down the slopes in Switzerland….wow! Excellent article.

  11. robin says:

    Looks suitably Christmassy!

  12. Vi says:

    Didn’t know such competition exits 🙂

  13. Love the Santa story and this looks like lots of fun

  14. This is quite possibly, the most fun Santa event ever! I get in the spirit by decorating my house for XMAS. I’ll share soon.

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      I agree it looks like a hoot! Decorating is always a good way to get in the spirit. I find music works really good for me.

  15. Fun photos!

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