January 18, 2018

Erfurt’s Krämerbrücke

There are many reasons to visit Erfurt and one of them is the Krämerbrücke or Merchant’s Bridge.Erfurt Germany Krämerbrücke Bridge View

Florence Italy may have its Ponte Vecchio but Erfurt Germany has the 120 meter long Krämerbrücke which is the only bridge in Europe that has houses along its entire length that are still inhabited!Erfurt Germany Krämerbrücke View

Spanning the Gera River and sitting at the center of Erfurt’s well preserved medieval city center sits the lovely bridge that has played a role in the city’s trade since at least 1117 when it was first mentioned.  The Krämerbrücke was originally built of wood to support Erfurt’s location on the Via Regia trade route but was replaced with a stone bridge in 1325 after fire kept destroying the wood structure.Erfurt Germany Krämerbrücke Outside View

Today the 32 buildings on the Krämerbrücke delight visitors with its galleries, boutiques, cafes and shops of local artisans.More Erfurt Germany Krämerbrücke Bridge View

Yes there are many reasons to visit Erfurt and the Krämerbrücke is a small representative of the beauty that lie within the city limits!


I’m sharing these photos as part of Travel Photo Thursday.
For more great pictures, check out Budget Travelers Sandbox.

Maybe I’ll see you there!


Many thanks to Historic Highlights of Germany for organizing this trip and to the wonderful people with the Erfurt Tourist Office!  For more information please contact either organization or visit their websites.

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  2. The bridge looks very picturesque. I would have never guessed that those buildings are over the water. The comparison to the Ponte Vecchio helped.
    Michele @ Malaysian Meanders recently posted..Pangkor Laut: An Island Spa Paradise

  3. That’s an amazing bridge/town. I had to look back at the pictures when I realized you were talking about those houses that I thought were just along a street. Worth a visit for sure!
    Vera Marie Badertscher recently posted..Look! There I am!

  4. Jackie Smith says:

    Great information and photos. . .I need to do more thinking about heading that direction on some future travels. Thanks for sparking the travel bug . . .
    Jackie Smith recently posted..TPThursday Capturing The Four Seasons

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      I highly recommend exploring the off the beaten path parts of Germany! They are really very lovely and interesting.

  5. Steve says:

    It’s fantastic how non-bridge like the buildings look when you’re standing in the middle of them. Very neat find!
    Steve recently posted..Stay Away From Seattle Day

  6. Sophie says:

    Wow, I’ve never heard of this bridge. Erfurt isn’t exactly on Germany’s tourist trail. All the more interesting.
    Sophie recently posted..A Window on Bodmin Moor

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      You’re right Sophie, Erfurt isn’t on the normal tourist path! It is a very interesting city full of great history, restaurants and more!

  7. Sabrina says:

    This looks like a beautiful walk on a afternoon. I have never been to that part of Germany, but you kind of make me wanna go 🙂
    Sabrina recently posted..Brittany Holidays: Delicious Food in Lesconil

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      I had never been to this part either! Now I want to explore more of the region. I’m sure there are amazing discoveries waiting for me.

  8. Marlys says:

    We loved Erfurt, too. Stayed there for a week with the whole family. Hope you had glorious weather there. Did you try that special offer of All You Can Eat Cakes and Pastries + as much coffee for €5.50?
    Marlys recently posted..The Hilltop Fortress Of Saorge

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      I did have very nice weather – not too hot nor too cold but sunny 🙂 Hmmm how did I miss the special cake and coffee offer??? I feel cheated so now I must go back 🙂

  9. What a cute town, Debbie. How clever were they to build houses on the bridge and create such a unique village.
    You’re finding some gorgeous spots on your trip.
    jenny@atasteoftravel recently posted..Wildflowers of the West

  10. What a unique and another Charming German town. I love the quaintness and the architecture but most of all that ‘s all on a bridge. How cool is that! What a wonderful trip you had.
    Mary @ The World Is A Book recently posted..Jewel in the Rough: Mission San Juan Capistrano

  11. That is so cool that there are still inhabited houses along the Krämerbrücke. Yet another picturesque German town I need to visit.
    Cathy Sweeney recently posted..An Awakening in National Harbor, Maryland

  12. Such a beautiful town, Debbie. It’s interesting that there are houses on the bridge. I’d be a bit worried about flooding, though.
    InsideJourneys recently posted..St. Andrew Parish Courthouse Jamaica

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      No need to worry about flooding. They took care of that decades ago by diverting some of the water so it does not flood!

  13. Margaret says:

    It would be fun to live in one of those houses. I like the dark red one.
    Margaret recently posted..Travel photography: still life with bicycle

  14. Looks lovely, but you’re going to have to start providing pronunciation information 🙂
    Stephanie – The Travel Chica recently posted..How to eat a lobster (in Maine!)

  15. Leigh says:

    It looks like another wonderful and charming German town but how in the world will I be able to pronounce either of those names. I guess Erfurt is ok but the g word is out of my range.
    Leigh recently posted..Driving Alberta’s Cowboy Highway

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      Yes some of the Germany words are a little difficult to pronounce and you’re right, Erfurt is a charming town in the heart of Germany!


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