February 18, 2018

New Palace – Potsdam

Prussian Kings left such a legacy in Potsdam Germany that today it is known as a city of Palaces!

With 23 beautiful palaces truer words could not be spoken.  Some of the palaces are very well known such as Sanssouci and Cecilienhof while others are not so well-known.  One of these lesser known palaces is the exquisite and large New Palace.

Panorama New Palace Potsdam Germany

King Frederick the Great built the last Prussian Baroque palace to celebrate Prussian success in the Seven Years War.  Finished in 1769, this large palace is a testament to the superiority and nobility of Prussia.New Palace Potsdam Germany

I visited the palace during the celebration of King Frederick the Great’s 300th birthday.  The palace was full of memorabilia about the Kings life which included pieces not normally kept in the palace. Besides being able to see all the memorabilia, it also was a great way to see many of the 200+ rooms in the palace. Unfortunately pictures were not allowed inside but I can tell you the rooms are as opulent as you would imagine.  One of my favorites was this beautiful theater.

Theater New Palace Potsdam Germany

Theater New Palace Potsdam Germany by oxbox

The façade of the New Palace is adorned with many statues.  I noticed many were black with dirt and was shocked to learn this is the way they found the palace after reunification. The city is taking the time to clean the statues but it is a painstaking job!

Statues New Palace Potsdam Germany

The New Palace is set in the magnificent Sanssouci Park.  As I wandered around the palace grounds I noticed two smaller buildings that looked to be the same design as the palace. These turned out to be Communs which are buildings for the palace guards and servants plus they house the palace kitchen.  Pretty nice digs, aren’t they?Maid Quarters Potsdam Germany


Would you like to visit this city of Palaces?

These photo’s are part of Travel Photo Thursday.
For more great pictures, check out Budget Travelers Sandbox.

Maybe I’ll see you there!


Many thanks to Historic Highlights of Germany for organizing this trip and to the wonderful people at the PotsdamTourist Office!  For more information please contact either organization or visit their websites.  Even though my trip was paid for by these organizations, all opinions are my own.

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  1. My goodness, of course I would! Stunning.
    InsideJourneys recently posted..Jamaica’s Rockfort Mineral Baths

  2. I read that Postdam had beautiful palaces but I didn’t realize that it was that many! I definitely would love to visit those palaces someday..
    Marisol@TravelingSolemates.com recently posted..The Soul of Athens

  3. Jordan says:

    I love exploring these places. Maybe I’ll stop in Potsdam the next time I’m in Germany!
    Jordan recently posted..Travel Hack Your Way to a Good Night Sleep

  4. Sophie says:

    Don’t you just hate when you’re not allowed to take photos? No flash I can understand, but no photos at all… I was in the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. It was so outrageous and fabulous and I would have loved to write a post about it, but since I have no photos, I’m disinclined to do so…

    Potsdam has some excellent palaces. I love your top photo, it really gives a sense of its scale.
    Sophie recently posted..Searching for Garbo

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      Yes, this one especially irritated me because I had purchased a pass at Sanssouci which supposedly let me take pictures in any palace! But a German guard yelled at me and I couldn’t communicate with him so I put my camera away. There were guards in every room and I didn’t want to risk getting yelled at again 🙂

  5. You had me at the city of palaces. I would love to visit Potsdam and take my time to see all 23 of those palaces. I absolutely love visiting European palaces and seeing all that opulence and grandeur. Beautiful pictures!
    Mary @ The World Is A Book recently posted..New York City with Kids: 5 Free and Fun Attractions

  6. Good timing being there for the 300th birthday celebrations, Debbie. It must be wonderful to be involved in the restoration of these palaces and watch them come alive.
    You would love my Georgian Theatre in Richmond but it’s tiny in scale.
    Johanna Bradley recently posted..Wynding through Richmond in Autumn

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      I don’t like it when I visit a castle or cathedral and there is scaffolding all around but I do realize that it is necessary to stay on top of the upkeep! I think there’s a lot in Richmond I would love 🙂

  7. Dick Jordan says:

    Looks very grand, in the style of the Hapsburg palaces in Vienna.

    Alas, when I was in Berlin for a few days before heading to Munich, I didn’t have time to do a side trip to Potsdam.
    Dick Jordan recently posted..Travel Photo Thursday: Flower “Visitors”

  8. The city of palaces – how romantic. I never realised there were so many beautiful palaces in Potsdam.
    Johanna @ The Zigazag Mag recently posted..10 Great Things To Do around Yallingup and Where to Stay while you’re there

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      Seems most people aren’t aware of the palaces in Potsdam. Maybe Germany will market this information more so more people will visit!

  9. I’d absolutely like to visit the City of Palaces. I didn’t know that Potsdam was known for its palaces, but I can see why it is. Very interesting!
    Cathy Sweeney recently posted..Featured Museum: The California Story

  10. jade says:

    I don’t want to sound silly, but I’ve never heard of Potsdam before. Looks LOVELY though and would love to explore someday!
    jade recently posted..Private Cars and Rainforest Don’t Mix: The Quest to find the Waterfall

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      Until I visited, I only knew about Potsdam for the Potsdam conference in 1945. I really had no clue about all the other history of the city.

  11. Jam@icoSnap says:

    Germany definitely has one of the most beautiful palaces I have seen 🙂 I have never been to Potsdam but it will be sure added to my to-go list.
    Jam@icoSnap recently posted..Winter tour in Grindelwald Switzerland

  12. Leigh says:

    I always find it hard to imagine the circumstances under which these were built. I mean really – who needs so many palaces? There must have been some serious egos at work. But they sure are beautiful and of course I’d love to visit.
    Leigh recently posted..A Waterfall, Rock Art & Beauty on a Desert Hike in SW Utah

  13. Muza-chan says:

    I love this German palace, absolutely beautiful 🙂
    Muza-chan recently posted..A Japanese Song per Day: Shiina Hekiru – Akai Hana ~ You’re gonna change to the flower

  14. Katherina says:

    Wow… 23 palaces! I had no idea! Which would you say is the one you liked most? 🙂
    Katherina recently posted..Experiencing Berlin – Festival of Lights 2012

  15. I can’t believe there are 23 palaces in Potsdam. if this is one of the lesser ones I can only imagine how grandiose the others are! I’d love to see Potsdam…it sounds fascinating!
    jenny@atasteoftravel recently posted..10 Fabulous Restaurants in Paris

  16. I’ve only been to the Rosenborg Palace in Copenhagen and I loved it. I think this is even bigger! Wonderful.
    Aleah | SolitaryWanderer.com recently posted..The Tourist Tower of Herentals, Belgium

  17. Jackie Smith says:

    Yes, of course I’d love to visit the city of palaces. . .you’ve made my travel juices flow.
    Jackie Smith recently posted..TPThursday: Sample Bologna’s Beauty and Bounty

  18. Lisa says:

    I had no idea that there were so many beautiful palaces in Potsdam and the New Palace looks stunning! My daughters would love that theatre! To answer your question – yes, I would definitely like to visit this city!
    Lisa recently posted..Lighthouses of Atlantic Canada

    • Debbie Beardsley says:

      Potsdam is a wonderful city and would be a fantastic respite from Berlin if your not a fan of large cities!


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