February 17, 2018

PR & Advertising

My travel passion is Europe which led to starting the blog, European Travelista.  The goal of European Travelista is to be a resource for travelers visiting Europe.  Through our posts, travelers are able to enhance their exploration of Europe and be encouraged to try something new!

Why work with me?

I started European Travelista in January 2011 and the blog has grown ever since!  Our ever growing reach is the perfect place for your European destination, hotel, guide service or excursion to stand out.

Current Site Statistics (as of May 16, 2012)

  • Demographics: United States 72% | Canada 9% | UK 7% | France 3%
  • Unique Monthly Page Views:  17,626
  • Google Page Rank:  2
  • Twitter Followers:  1,696
  • Facebook Fans: 138

I am currently looking for tourist bureaus, other travel related companies, sponsors and advertisers to work with. As long as your product is related to travel in Europe, I will consider it.  Below are some of the options available.  I am also open to other suggestions.

Advertising Options

Contextual links

Keyword text link incorporated in a post I write.  Keywords and links provided by you.  A maximum of 2 links included.

Text Link in a sentence at bottom of post I write on a subject of my choosing.  You will provide me with the link and keywords that will be included in a sentence beginning with “This post brought to you by. . .”  Maximum is 100 characters.

Sponsored Post

This will be a post written by you and approved by European Travelista.  You can include 2 internal links and will be given credit for writing the post which will include a link to your website.  The post should be between 300-500 words, relating to travel in Europe and include 2-3 pictures.  Subjects can include destinations, products, services, tour or even a press release.  All sponsored posts are subject to editing by European Travelista and will include links back to my site as I deem appropriate. We also reserve the right to deny any articles.


125 x 125 Box ad will be placed in the right hand side bar of European Travelista’s home page.  All artwork will be supplied by you in either jpg or png format.  Max size 30k.

If interested in talking further or for pricing, please contact me!

Press Trips & Partnerships

I am also looking for Tourist bureaus, incoming tour operators, hotels and guides to work with.  If you would like to have your destination, hotel, tour or excursion featured on European Travelista contact me to see how we can work together!  I can offer blog posts, tweets and posts on Facebook.  All opinions will be my honest review of destination, hotel, excursion or tour.

Product Reviews

If you have a travel related product that would be useful to my readers, I’d love to give it a try and write up an honest review that will be featured on my site.  I am also interested in reviewing any books focusing on European travel whether it is a guide book, memoir or even cookbook.  Besides a blog post, mentions on twitter and a post on Facebook about the product or book it may be fun to include a give away!

Have a different idea?  Contact me with any ideas or suggestions.  I will consider all reasonable ideas.

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