February 18, 2018

Historic Guild Signs

Vestiges of history are all around you while traveling in Europe.  One of the great ways to experience this history is through the ornate Guild Signs dotting cities in Europe.

Dating back to the Middle Ages, a time when the majority of the population didn’t read, these Guild Signs were a way for shop owners to show the type of wares or services they offered.

Today these signs add to the charm of many cities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and are a source of delight to us all.  Here are a few of the Guild Signs I have seen on my journeys.

Some Guild Signs adorn beautiful streetsGruyeres Switzerland

Maybe not historic, but even McDonald’s participates in Innsbruck!Guild Signs on Street Innsbruck Austria

Some streets are famous for its Guild SignsSalzburg Street Full of Guild Signs Austria

Spezial Brewery Bamberg GermanySchlenkerla Brewery Bamberg Germany

Others advertise Breweries or just add to the local scenery

Violin Museum Mittenwald GermanyInnsbruck Guild Sign by Inn River Austria

These photo’s are shared as part of Travel Photo Thursday.
For more great pictures, make sure to look into Budget Travelers Sandbox.

Maybe I’ll see you there.


European Travelista’s 7 Super Shots!

I have been enjoying reading everyone’s entries to HostelBookers 7 Super Shots!  As I don’t consider myself a good photographer I was secretly glad that I hadn’t been asked to participate.

Then it happened. . .

Both Sabrina from Country Skipper and Courtney of Haunt Jaunts asked me to participate.  Feeling good to be included, I now had to find some photographs that were worthy of the project.

I started by thinking what photos represent.  Photos keep our memories fresh and alive. All it takes is a glimpse and we are whisked back to that very day experiencing that trip, event or the fun as if we were there now.  The photos we take are snapshots of our life.

After getting over my initial angst, I wandered through my memories and found some photographs that represent each of the categories.

Here is a photo . . .

. . . that takes my breath away

It is no secret that I love mountains, lakes and small villages.  While I find them all remarkable in their own way, Gruyeres Switzerland just took my breath away.Bucolic Gruyeres Switzerland

. . . that makes me laugh or smile

I actually had a little trouble with this one but then it dawned on me that the one that made me smile every time was this shot taken on my very first trip to Europe.  In fact, this one is a lot of “firsts”.  My first time to Europe, Germany, Bavaria, Munich.  I smile each time I see this much younger me sitting by a lake in the Englischer Garten and, yes, I’m enjoying my first beer in Munich.

Englischer Garten Munich Germany

Enjoying a beer in Englisher Garten's Munich

. . . that makes me dream

This shot of the French Basque countryside makes me dream about all of the less traveled, peaceful places I have been and will go to.

Basque vista Southwest France

Basque Hills

. . . that makes me think

Looking down on the way up the Jungfraujoch is a tremendous sight!  This lovely village nestled at the foot of the mountain makes me think about how amazing Mother Nature is. . . The beauty of Switzerland isn’t too shabby either 🙂On the way up Jungfraujoch Interlaken Switzerland

. . . that makes my mouth water

As I look at this picture my mouth is literally watering.  I can still feel the relief as I sat down at this table at Klosterbrau Brewery in Bamberg Germany.  I can also remember how ravenous I was and how wonderful this schnitzel, potato salad, green salad and beer tasted!Schnitzel at Klosterbrau Bamberg Germany

. . . that tells a story

Visiting the D-day beaches in Normandy is a must see. This photo, taken at the American cemetery, tells the story of all the Americans that died during WWII.  More than that, it tells the story of all the lives lost from all countries involved.American Cemetery Normandy France

. . . that I’m most proud of

Gothic Royaumont Abbey gets the distinction of being my National Geographic moment!  The lovely Abbey and its grounds are a serene respite to busy Paris.Gothic Royaumount Abbey near Paris France


Now its my turn to nominate 5 bloggers to participate:



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  1. Choose a photo for each of the 7 categories above.
  2. Write a short description for each image.
  3. Write somewhere in your blog post: I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots.
  4. Tell HostelBookers that you have participated and tweet the hashtag #7SuperShots

Nominate 5 other bloggers by including a link to their blog in your post.

TPT: Views from Gruyeres

For today’s Travel Photo Thursday, I’m celebrating the views from Gruyeres Switzerland.Bucolic Gruyeres Switzerland

Gruyeres is one of those quintessential Swiss villages that you just can’t seem to get enough of even though it is very small.

And the scenery from its boundaries is just amazing!Beautiful Gruyeres Switzerland

Set in a lovely little valley just outside Lausanne Switzerland, Gruyeres is easy to get to as a day trip.  We took the train to Gruyeres but after this visit I vowed to go back and stay in the area to explore all the other wonderful little villages.Gruyeres Switzerland

Placid. Serene. Slow. Tranquil. Rural.  These are just some of the words that come to mind when seeing these pictures.Pastoral View from Gruyeres Switzerland

They  fill me with a sense of calm.


These photo’s are shared as part of Travel Photo Thursday.  For more great pictures, make sure to look into Budget Travelers Sandbox.

Maybe I’ll see you there.

A Year at European Travelista

Today is the first anniversary for European Travelista!!!

It’s Been a Year and What a Year It’s Been!

As I looked back at the year, I discovered that during this time I’ve written 134 posts which received 2,868 comments.

Together we’ve visited 18 of Europe’s countries!

The countries we’ve visited include France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  Along with those we’ve also touched ground in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Holland and even Estonia.Views walking up the hill to Gruyeres Switzerland

We’ve looked at food, aperitifs and experienced European wine beer and beer festivals!

Our journey has been by train, feet, bikes and post bus crossing rivers, bridges and scenic routes. We’ve taken a look at the awesome waterfalls in Europe along with some festivals, even if they are a bit crazy!Budapest and Danube River

Because I had a hard time telling the difference between Baroque, Gothic or Romanesque, we spent some time learning a bit about all that wonderful architecture found in European capitals.

I’ve shared my love for Germany and in particular Bavaria.  Heck one of my first posts was titled “Bavaria, Bavaria How do I Love thee?”.  That should have been your first clue 🙂

Hohenschwangau Bavarian Castle

View from Hohenschwangau

Together we delved into my passion for those small little quaint charming picturesque mountain villages.  Yes you know that I am a mountain girl!

We’ve spent time in castles, feasted our eyes on jewels, taken drives and just dreamed.

Cesky Krumlov Castle Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov Castle by Docsj

Yup it’s been quite a year!

And it’s not going to stop yet!

I have many more adventures lined up for 2012 but I also want to include some of your interests.

Where do you want to go?

How do you want to get there and what do you want to do once you get there?

Where or where in Europe shall we go during 2012?  Help me out by leaving suggestions in your comment!


Before I go, I want to send out a BIG thanks to you all for making 2011 such a great year!



Fondue-Is it Swiss or French?

When you think of Switzerland I’m sure mountains, scenic trains, chocolate, banking, cows and more pop into your mind.  But in this small country the king of the food items has got to be Fondue!Cheese Fondue Switzerland

The history of fondue isn’t really clear.  The oldest recipe for cheese fondue dates back to 1699. In 1735 a French chef named la Chapelle published a recipe for fondue and hence the reason some believe the dish is actually of French beginnings. By the time the first recipe for modern cheese fondue was published 1875, it was already a Swiss national dish.  This is probably due to the fact that true cheese fondue use Gruyere cheese which means it must be Swiss!

Traditional lore says fondue started out of necessity as a way to use scraps of old cheese and stale bread during the winter when food was scarcer and villages were more isolated by the weather and snow.

No matter where it really got started, today fondue is a traditional Swiss dish and one that I love!

It is probably not surprising that each of Switzerland’s 26 cantons claim to have the best Fondue! However, in its simplest form fondue is all about local cheese and wine.

Le Chalet Gruyeres Switzerland

Le Chalet by Tomasz Wachowski Klondek

“Traditional” Swiss Fondue is made using Gruyere and Emmenthaler cheeses which are melted with white wine and a splash of Kirsch.  Other local cheeses like Walliser Bergkase, Appenzeller or Vacherin may be used along with mushrooms, garlic, peppers or other herbs.

In Fribourg, the fondue is made using Gruyere and Vacherin cheeses.  The wine and Kirsch are not added but you will be dipping your bread in plum schnapps before diving into all that hot melty goodness!

I was recently reading an article on Fondue which got me reminiscing about Switzerland and all the fantastic fondue I’ve dipped into while traveling in this fabulous country!Swiss Fondue Switzerland

While in Zurich, I enjoyed a wonderful pot of traditional fondue with green peppercorns and mustard at Restaurant Swiss Chuchi in the Hotel Adler.  During the warmer months, there is outside seating which, IMO, only adds to the enjoyment of your meal.

If you’re in Montreux I can recommend Le Museum Restaurant.  The restaurant is located in the wine cellar of a 13th century convent and has quit a history.  This cozy place has a great atmosphere and is known for its fondue!

In the village famous for its cheese, Gruyeres, make sure to visit Le Chalet.  This traditional Swiss restaurant is dressed up as a chalet complete with open beams.  In a village that is equally charming, Le Chalet serves wonderful fondue!  I also enjoyed a green salad that was served in a cute little wooden bowl that really looked more like a very small wood bucket!

I know Fondue is a simple meal of bread and cheese but I find it to be a great way to slow down, enjoy a meal and the company of those that are with you.  It really doesn’t get much better than this!


Where have you enjoyed Fondue?

Finding the Best Santa in Switzerland!

In Strange Games & Unique Festivals and Crazy Strange Sports we experienced some of the more unique games and sports that can be found in Europe.

Today I’ll share one that has a definite holiday feel to it!

Samnaun Valley Switzerland

Samnaun Valley by Fiesch Wikimedia Commons

For these games we will venture to Samnaun Switzerland which is home to the annual ClauWau Championships.    Samnaun is located at the border with both Italy and Austria and offers hiking and mountain biking during warmer months and an abundance of winter sports.  An added benefit, it is the only tax free resort in Switzerland!

The ClauWau competition is no joke folks as it crowns the World Champion Santa Claus!

While this is a serious competition, you will see it is also a grand Christmas celebration.

Group Photo ClauWau Samnaun Switzerland

Group Photo ClauWau Copyright Engadin Samnaun

Teams of 4 must all be decked out in Santa costumes to compete for the prize money!  Yes, there is actual cash to be had for the best 3 Santa teams showing their prowess in all events.  Each team will dance, climb, sing, run and act like children as they vie for the first prize money of approximately $5,800.

Sledding fun at ClauWau Samnaun Switzerland

Sledding fun at ClauWau Copyright Engadin Samnaun

To show they are capable of being the best Santa, teams compete in these events:

  1. The Zipfy Bob Race tests the speed and dexterity of each team as they race to the finish line in record time.
  2. The Santa Parade will judge each teams costume and Christmas spirit.
  3. Santa’s must know their way around the world and in Santa’s Journey each team will be able to show off their knowledge of the world’s sights by matching tourist sights to the city or country where they belong!

    ClauWau Samnaun Klauben Fun Switzerland

    Klauben Fun during ClauWau Copyright Engadin Samnaun

  4. As a way to show their artistic ability, Creative Santa asks each team decorate gingerbread and create an original and beautiful sculpture out of snow.
  5. Part of Santa’s job is to effectively distribute presents which requires Santa be a master at driving a sleigh, hence the Santa’s Sleigh Race!
  6. We all know how Santa gets into our houses, so it’s probably no surprise that there would be a Santa’s Chimney Climb.  Testing the ability of our competitors to scale a chimney while carrying a bag full of presents!

    Steinbock Race at ClauWau Samnaun Switzerland

    Steinbock Race at ClauWau Copyright Engadin Samnaun

  7. Santa Clauben is an event that finds all members snuggled under a very large Santa hat as they maneuver a course as quickly as possible while collecting presents along the way.
  8. The Steinbock Sprint is a relay race where teams compete while riding wooden rocking horses.
  9. With this much prize money at stake, each team gets ready to lay it all on the line in the Karaoke Santa event!  This grand finale is an ear shattering treat and a great way to end this amazing event!

    Karaoke at ClauWau Samnaun Switzerland

    Karaoke at ClauWau Copyright Engadin Samnaun

As you can see, the “competition” is full of fun and a perfect way to get in the Holiday spirit!


What is your favorite way to get in the Holiday spirit?

My Travel ABC’s

Before Thanksgiving I received an invitation from Katherina  of 1000 Miles Highway to participate in the A to Z survey about travel called The ABC of Travel!

Thanks Katherina for including me!

Now, European Travelista’s ABC’s of Travel.

A: Age you went on your first international trip: At 23 I made my first international trip to Europe which was also my first solo trip and is still my favorite!

B: Best (foreign) beer you’ve had and where: The best foreign beer I’ve had was at Stiegl Keller in Salzburg.  If I’m honest, I’m not sure why it is my favorite but I think it might have something to do with the amazing views of Salzburg or the fantastic meal I enjoyed. Whatever the reason, it was memorable!Schnitzel at Klosterbrau Bamberg Germany

C: Cuisine (favorite): Mexican Food!  I love it spicy and could eat it for every meal.  While in Europe, my favorite cuisine would have to be German.  Can’t get enough of schnitzel, spatzle, sausage and sauerkraut or goulash soup 🙂

D: Destinations, favorite, least favorite and why: Bavaria Germany holds a special place in my heart!  This was my first stop on my first trip and Bavaria just feels so comfy to me.  I can’t seem to get enough of the mountains and tiny Bavarian villages. My least favorite would have to be Budapest which just left me feeling Bleh!  Although I am going to give it another try.

E: Event you experienced abroad that made you say “wow”: This summer I had the unexpected opportunity to witness Lederhosen clad goat herders bringing the goats back to the barn! An event I thought only lived on in books.

F: Favorite mode of transportation: Ooh that’s hard.  I actually like all modes of transportation and have used them at different times.  Trains, buses, cars are all amazing and offer different perspectives.  I guess my favorite mode is via an airplane because when I get on an airplane it means I’m going somewhere!

G: Greatest feeling while traveling: The feeling of awe when seeing amazing scenery, experiencing the peace and serenity of mountains, flower bedecked houses or realizing how old the city or building really is.

H: Hottest place you’ve traveled to: Ixtapa, Mexico during July!

I: Incredible service you’ve experienced and where: Once we were eating at a café in Paris and we had a great waiter.  He would joke with us (yes it was Paris France) and when we asked what type of Dijon mustard they had on the table he gave us a bottle!  It’s the little things that make a difference to me.

J: Journey that took the longest: Driving through Austria and Switzerland during my 2 week honeymoon!

Kathe Wohlfahrt Rothenburg Germany

In Front of Kathe Wohlfahrt Rothenburg Germany

K: Keepsake from your travels: I love buying Christmas ornaments from any where I travel because I get to relive my travels while decorating the tree with my family!

L: Let-down sight, why and where: The Terror Museum in Budapest. This museum left me wanting more. . . much more.  Upon entering you hear intimidating music, see an old Soviet tank and busts of some of the more notorious characters of the soviet period in Budapest.  I was expecting many more items of torture and not the narration in Hungarian I got.  The museum was really very stark without many exhibits of actual devices of terror.

M: Moment where you fell in love with travel: My first trip to Europe in 1981 filled me with a love of Europe that has lasted to this day!  I love traveling anywhere and am the one that does all the research and planning for trips no matter where we are going.

View from room at Palace Hotel Lucerne Switzerland

View from Palace Hotel

N: Nicest hotel you’ve stayed in: My personal budget doesn’t include luxury hotels very often but I do enjoy luxury when I get it.  The nicest hotel I have ever stayed in would have to be the Palace Hotel in Lucerne Switzerland!  I had a corner suite which had amazing views of the lake and mountains surrounding this lovely city.  My next choice would have to be the Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, California. I love old historic hotels and my room in the old portion of this beauty was perfect.

O: Obsession—what are you obsessed with taking pictures of while traveling?: I’m not sure I have an obsession but would have to say amazing views usually from or of mountains!

P: Passport stamps, how many and from where? Oh if only they consistently stamped my passport!  Many places in Europe including London, Paris, Biarritz, Toulouse, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Zurich and Copenhagen.  Add in Mexico and Tahiti.

Biarritz Seaview France


Q: Quirkiest attraction you’ve visited and where: The Alligator Farm in Buena Park, California.  I loved this spot as a child since those alligators were really scary but alligators right across the street from Knots Berry Farm?!!

R: Recommended sight, event or experience: Spend a day in Auvers sur Oise (outside Paris) reliving Van Gogh’s last days, then visit the Orsay museum to view his art work!  This will make an art lover out of anyone!

S: Splurge; something you have no problem forking over money for while traveling: Local food, but not at trendy fashionable restaurants, including beer, wine or local cocktail!

T: Touristy thing you’ve done: A tour including the Changing of the Guard in London.  Couldn’t see a thing but I went back early in April and was able to visit on my own and see the entire procession without any one in my way!

U: Unforgettable travel memory: Visiting Zermatt Switzerland for the first time!  This charming village took my breath away.  Explore the village and mountains during the day and then enjoy an exquisite meal of fondue that night.  It is so warm and comfy!

V: Visas, how many and for where? To date, I haven’t need any visas 🙁

W: Wine, best glass of wine while traveling and where? So I don’t remember what type of wine we had  but my husband and I had some great Italian red wine in Stresa overlooking Lago Maggiore!

Hohenschwangau Bavarian Castle

View from Hohenschwangau

X: eXcellent view and from where?: Ooh there are a lot of great vantage points.  How about the amazing views from Neuschwanstein castle or the top of Mt. Pilatus?  Or the view of Paris after climbing the stairs at Notre Dame!  Or locally, the view of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge from Fisherman’s Wharf.

Y: Years spent traveling?: I have traveled my entire life if you include some vacations.  Unfortunately, my life has not afforded me the opportunity to spend years abroad . . . yet.  That is on the bucket list!

Z: Zealous sports fans and where?: I am not a zealous sport fan but my first ice hockey game was very memorable.  My friend got tickets about 4 rows from the glass which makes for an exceptional game.  I didn’t know I had so much testosterone in me!


Well that’s my ABC’s, I would love to read the ABC’s of these fine bloggers:

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Bridging Europe

When traveling we come across many bridges that are part of the local customs, history and folklore.

Some bridges are very famous or very high

Đurđevića Tara Bridge over the river Tara in Montenegro

Đurđevića Tara Bridge in Montenegro by Cornelius Bechtler

Tower Bridge London England

Tower Bridge London England by Diliff









Some are very beautiful and some you couldn’t pay me to cross!

Kapellbrucke Lucerne Switzerland

Kapellbrucke Lucerne Switzerland

Rickety Bridge in Europe

Rickety Bridge Latvia










But they all are works of art, functional and just plain amazing. I’m not an engineer, so it always amazes me how these structures can stretch so far, reach so high and withstand all the abuse they take from vehicles and the elements.


I thought it would be fun to look at few bridges Europe has to offer!

Oresund Bridge

Öresund Bridge Sweden Denmark

Öresund Bridge by Hardo, on Flickr












Øresund or Öresund Bridge is one of the more unique bridges I have ever seen. This bridge connects Denmark and Sweden and is both a bridge and tunnel! The bridge portion spans 25,739 feet from Sweden to a manmade island, Peberholm, from here you enter the tunnel to cross under the Drogden strait. The tunnel includes 2 rail tracks and 4 lanes for cars. During construction there were 2 delays one being do to finding 16 unexploded bombs from WWII laying on the seafloor.

Goltzsch Viaduct

Goltzsch Viaduct Saxony Germany

Goltzsch Viaduct Saxony Germany© Chriusha (Хрюша)














Goltzsch Viaduct is the largest brick built bridge in the world. This railway bridge was built between 1846 – 1851, spans the Goltzsch valley and connects Bavaria and Saxony in Germany. There are 98 vaults over 4 levels with the top level made up of 29 arches.

Rio-Antirrio Bridge

Rio-Antirrio Bridge Greece

Rio-Antirrio Bridge Greece © Guillaume Piolle













The beautiful Rio-Antirrio Bridge is official known as the Charilaos Trikoupis bridge and is the longest multi span cable-stayed bridge in the world. Crossing the Gulf of Corinth and connecting the towns of Rion and Antrion (on the Greek mainland), this 9,449’ long bridge is a feast for the eyes! The bridge has 2 lanes for traffic in each direction and a path for walkers or bikers. An interesting fact is the piers can slide on the gravel to accommodate any tectonic movement.

Bosphorus Bridge

Bosphorus Bridge Istanbul Turkey

Bosphorus Bridge Istanbul Turkey By Kara Sabahat







The Bosphorus Bridge is one of the few bridges on this earth that spans 2 continents. This beautiful bridge spans the Borphorus strait connecting Europe and Asia. The suspension bridge has 3 lanes in each direction for cars and when it is fully loaded sags 35” at mid span! There is an annual marathon that includes running over the bridge.

Vasco de Gama Bridge

Vasco de Gama Bridge Lisbon Portugal

Vasco de Gama Bridge Lisbon Portugal by Till Niermann











The longest bridge in Europe is the Vasco de Gama which spans the Tagus river near Lisbon, Portugal. The bridge is almost 11 miles long and was opened in 1998 just in time for Expo 98 which celebrated the 500th anniversary of de Gama’s discovery of the route from Europe to India.

Magdeburg Water Bridge

Madgeburg Water Bridge Germany

Madgeburg Water Bridge Germany by Botaurus












Magdeburg Water Bridge caught my eye because it isn’t a bridge made for cars or trains. This bridge is a navigable aqueduct for boats connecting the Elbe-Havel canal to the Mittelandkanal by spanning the Elbe river in Eastern Germany! There is a walkway and bike path along the span including signs telling the history and construction of the bridge.

So there you have it! Some beautiful, unique and interesting bridges you could find while in Europe.

Have you seen any of these? Do you like Bridges?

A Scenic Village In Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for many things including its alpine scenery and diverse climate.  But if you’re looking for that idyllic Swiss village you don’t need to look any further than Gruyeres.

This picture perfect medieval village is set at the top of a small mountain and is enclosed by a 12th century fortification.  Retaining its medieval feel, Gruyeres is considered a National Monument and its architectural purity is actually protected by the Swiss government.Gruyeres Switzerland

Gruyeres is easy to reach either by train or car and can be done as a day trip from the Lake Geneva area although you may want to spend some time in this serene area.  Car parking and the train station are at the bottom of the hill so before you make off for the village you may want to enjoy the Cheese Museum and Factory where you will see demonstrations of cheese making and also taste some of the fresh delights!

As you meander your way up to Gruyeres you will be awed by the beauty unfolding before your eyes.  Gazing over the meadows you will see green grass, happy cows with bells, and wildflowers all with the mountains framing the picture.Views walking up the hill to Gruyeres Switzerland

Once at the top, the cobbled streets will lead you past shops and restaurants on the way to the castle.  Castle Gruyeres was built between 1270 and 1282.  Today the beautiful fortress is home to 800 years of local history, culture and architecture.  Visit rooms that are furnished in the traditional Baroque style and others that house many works of art.  From the courtyard you will be afforded more of those views Switzerland is so famous for and we never tire of.

Gruyeres Castle Switzerland

Castle of Gruyères by Olivier Bruchez, on Flickr

Views from Gruyeres Castle Switzerland

Views from Gruyeres Castle

Before you leave make sure to stop for some of Gruyeres famous quiche or the equally famous fondue!  Since you are in the center of one of Switzerland’s dairy areas, make sure to leave room for berries with thick cream.  A good option is Le Chalet restaurant.   The quaint and cute restaurant is in a building built in the 1700’s and is decorated in the style of a Swiss chalet!

If you’re looking for a bit of the unusual, then a trip through the H. R. Giger museum may fit the bill.  Giger is an Oscar winner for his visual effects work on the movie Alien.  The museum houses some of his paintings, sculptures and movie sets.  If you don’t mind bizarre, mechanical and sexual art, the Giger may be for you.  Next to the museum is the Giger Bar all dressed up in a décor inspired by the movie “Alien”!

What other scenic Swiss villages have you been to?

Six Months In “My 7 Links”

Being a new travel blogger, I was honored by the invitation to participate in the My 7 Links project I received from Cathy of Traveling with Sweeney.  The timing of this actually coincides with the 6 month anniversary of European Travelista so it is a great time to take a look back at some of the posts I’ve published.  It was much harder than I thought to choose the posts to include even though I only have 6 months to sort through!

But I jumped in and here are My 7 Links .  .  .


Most Beautiful – Italy’s South Tirol: Wine and the Dolomites

Majestic Dolomites South Tirol Italy
Majestic Dolomites from Suditirol Marketind/Frieder Blickle

Spurred by a wine tasting my husband and I enjoyed in Avila Beach, California this post has relit my interest with the Dolomites.  I just can’t get over how dramatic and beautiful this region is.  This is where I can combine some of my favorites:  quaint villages, dramatic mountains, outdoor activities and wine!

Most Popular – Rocamadour – A Miraculous Village

This post could have also made it in the Most Surprising category!  At the last minute, I put up a few pictures I had taken while in Rocamadour France for Travel Photo Thursday.  I wasn’t very happy with the photographs but was out of time so that is what went up.  Who would have known it would be so popular!  I still can’t figure it out.

Rauchbier Spezial Bamberg, Germany by Ethan Prater, on Flickr

Rauchbier Spezial Bamberg, Germany by Ethan Prater, on Flickr

Most Controversial – Bamberg plus Beer equals Dilemma

Well I’m not sure this really fits in the most controversial category but I really don’t write about controversial things.  But this could be controversial, right?  I mean if people get all upset because of a sporting event someone could get real positional about a beer or brewery, don’t you think?! ?  Go with me here on this one 🙂

Most Helpful – Baroque: The Emotional Style

I have written a series on the different architectural styles you will find in Europe.  So far I have covered Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and Rococo but chose Baroque because it was my personal favorite.  I’d like to think this series has helped us all learn a little more about the styles we see so often when traveling.

Most Surprising Success – Rhine Falls – Europe’s Biggest

Who knew everyone loves a waterfall?  I sure do now.  This one is another submission to Travel Photo Thursday and I never really expected such a reaction.Olivier Magny O Chateau Paris France

Deserved More Attention – Wine Tasting in Paris with O Chateau!

This was my first and only interview I have ever done and I was so excited to share O Chateau with everyone.  I really enjoyed putting this together as I was really tickled by Olivier’s sense of humor and  I like wine (in case you didn’t know 🙂 )!  It didn’t totally bomb but I was surprised it didn’t get a better reception.

Most Proud Of – Welcome to European Travelista. . .

This was the very first post I published on European Travelista.  I am most proud of this one not because it is an example of exemplary writing or because the topic is so grand but because it was a huge step forward for me to launch this blog.  By pushing the “publish” button I stepped into a foreign world and I am so glad I did!  I have learned so much from you all and appreciate your camaraderie even if we have never met.  So thank you all for a great 6 months!



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