January 18, 2018

Architectural Gem in Budapest

Even though Budapest left me feeling Bleh, there were some amazing architectural gems I found in the city by the Danube.

One of these is the State Opera House. 

Budapest Opera House

Budapest Opera House

Built as part of the Hungarian millennial celebration of 1896, the Opera house was designed by one of Hungary’s most important architects, Miklos Ybl.

The building itself is a Neo-Renaissance beauty that also exhibits many Baroque elements.  Across the top you will notice many statues of the world’s great composers including Beethoven, Mozart, Verdi and Tchaikovsky.

Liszt Budapest Hungary Opera


Adorning the front are wrought iron lamps and 2 sphinx statues that seem to be guarding the entrance.  You will also notice a statue on either side of the main entrance.  These are two of Hungary’s most famous composersFranz Liszt is on the right and the first director of the opera, Ferenc Erkel is on the left.

Sphinx Statue Budapest Hungary Opera House

Sphinx Statue

With all the detail in this building, you can see why it took almost 10 years to complete! 

Side View Budapest Hungary Opera

Carriage Way

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Maybe I’ll see you there.