February 23, 2018

Swiss Post Bus – An Adventure to Remember

There are many ways to travel in Europe – boat, train, car – but in Switzerland the PostBus looks to be an exceptional way to see this beautiful country.

I have not yet taken an excursion on the PostBus but this has been something I have wanted to do since the first time I heard that distinctive toot of their horn!  At that moment I was sold.

Swiss PostBus on Susten Pass

PostBus on Susten Pass by Norbert Aepli, Switzerland (noebu)

The Swiss PostBus service began in 1849.  There were no cars just horses at this time.  It wasn’t until 1906 that the horses were replaced by motorized vehicles.

Today the PostBus has 13 tourist routes criss-crossing the country.  These routes venture into each nook and cranny of Switzerland and travel into places trains just cannot go and sometimes on roads that are not much wider than the bus!  This system has more than 2,000 vehicles in service that carry over 118 million passengers each year.

Glaciers along PostBus route Switzerland

Glaciers along PostBus route by ActiveSteve, on Flickr

On your journey via PostBus you will wind your way up mountains, through passes and tunnels, the Swiss National Park and many splendid valleys.  You will see medieval villages, UNESCO World Heritage sights, castles, ski resorts, glaciers and glistening lakes.

One of the tourist excursions, the Palm Express, is a trip that has many contrasts.  Beginning in the Engadine and ending in the Ticino canton, this trip will take you from the Alpine region full of glaciers to the region known for its Mediterranean climate complete with balmy weather and palms.

Susten Pass along PostBus route Switzerland

Susten Pass along PostBus route by ActiveSteve, on Flickr

Or if Alpine scenery is your style, enjoy a trip on the Central Alps Passes: Grimsel–Nufenen–Gotthard–Susten Pass Route.  On this journey you will enjoy views of glaciers, deep valleys and quaint villages.  The route travels along Switzerland’s highest road  and traverses 4 mountain passes and crosses the Devil’s Bridge over the Schollenen Gorge.

Devils Bridge Switzerland

Devils Bridge Switzerland by de: Benutzer:Markus Schweiss

Not sold yet?  Watch this video and I think  you will be making your reservations.


If you can’t view the video, click here.


There are many more routes and ways to access the Swiss Post Bus.

Is this an excursion you would like to enjoy?  Tell me why or why not.