February 17, 2018

Fabulous Friday – Posts that . . .

Yah its Friday!   For this addition of  Fabulous Friday I’m  sharing an eclectic list of 5 blog posts that really touched me.

Radoslav Minchev, on Flickr

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the posts that . . .

. . . made me smile
I think we all have done something that made us think “We Must Be Hilarious to Watch“, right?  If you haven’t read this post by AlmostFearless I urge you to do so.  I could actually visualize all the back and forth and running!  It isn’t that I have had the same situation exactly but I have experienced being on the wrong platform for a train and I have traveled with children.   At a minimum, we can all relate to being late for a plane (or thinking we would be).  The writing style carries you along through the story as you wait for the next misstep to strike!  Read it, it will bring a smile to your face 🙂

. . . made me hungry
Ayngelina from Bacon is Magic published a post titled Learning to cook like a Porteño. First off, just the name of her blog makes me hungry.  I love me some bacon!  But reading this post and gazing at the amazing foods they cooked during their cooking lesson  definitely sent my tummy to a rumblin. Yum, who could pass up empanadas or that amazing stew called Locro?  I couldn’t, could you? Oh gosh I’m hungry again.

by jules:stonesoup, on Flickr

. . . had the best picture
Petra Jordan, The Lost City by Day from Canada’s Adventure Couple is a jaw dropping vision of perfection in the desert!  In all honesty, I have never given Jordan much thought but after seeing these amazing pictures it is a destination that is going on my list!  Amazing just doesn’t seem to do these pictures justice but they are just that – amazing.  I can only imagine how breath taking Petra is in person!  If you like great photography, you won’t be disappointed.

. . . was about foods I definitely won’t eat
I don’t really think I am a picky eater until I travel and especially in France or when I am reading blog posts like Strange Foods from Around the World by FreshroadsSurströmming, Fried Tarantula or Hákarl are just a few of the foods detailed in the post.  What I want to know is, who eats this stuff? For a stomach turning adventure in food, check this post out!  Trust me, you won’t leave hungry.

Balut by rieh, on Flickr

. . . made me laugh and feel better about myself!
Last week European Travelista posted a blog, Mystery Picture Take 2!, containing a photograph I had taken a few years ago but couldn’t remember what is was of.  I received a lot of comments regarding my plea for help and Marilyn Terrell of Intelligent Travel – National Geographic was able to set me straight!  The picture is of Villa Arnaga in Aquitaine region of France, which is on the Atlantic coast.

But this wasn’t the comment that made me laugh!  Nancie of Budget Travelers Sandbox added “Laughing here……………if I had a dollar for every time I can’t recognize a place in a photo I’d be a millionaire.”  This really made me laugh 🙂 By itself this doesn’t seem all that funny but for some reason it really tickled me and confirmed that I was not the only person who had this affliction!  Thanks Nancie.


Well that’s it for this edition of Fabulous Friday!

What posts touched you in some way this week?





Fabulous Friday – 5 Exceptional Posts!


Today’s Fabulous Friday shout out goes to 5 very different blog posts.  These posts have nothing in common except the fact they all touched me in some way.  They had me laughing, remembering my childhood, longing to sit outside, making a mental note to be a better parent and one even had me sitting on the edge of my seat!

If you haven’t already read these entries, I encourage you to do so.

Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!


1)   Fearful Adventurer’s “Holy Sh*t I’m Going to Die” series is a great fun read full of exciting, scary adventures that even made me chuckle a bit.  I can’t decide whether I enjoyed “Psycho Driver”  or “Death on Ice” more.  “Death on Ice” was more edge of my seat-ish while “Psycho Driver” had me laughing when the driver started singing “I killed the tourist and then I stole her passport. ”  Either way, I highly recommend these exciting stories!

2) Canada’s Adventure Couple has a great post titled “A Dolphin Encounter in New Zealand” that had me reminiscing about my childhood.  The post details an adventure they had swimming with the dolphins but not in a hotel’s lagoon.  Oh no, they actually swam with these amazing animals in their own habitat.  When I was a wee lass one of my favorite TV shows was Flipper (I’ve really aged myself with this one!).  I loved Porter, Sandy, Bud and, of course, Flipper.  I always wanted to jump in the ocean like Sandy or Bud and have Flipper swim around with me holding on to his dorsal fin!  Crazy I know but Sandy was hot and Flipper was just plain cool!

3) My Melange wrote a post “Historic Cafes of Venice” detailing one of my favorite things to do – sitting outside with a coffee or other beverage soaking up the European atmosphere.  In her usual way, Robyn, detailed the cafes on St. Mark’s Square in Venice in just the way that makes you want to go there. . . now!  Such a great feeling remembering the enjoyable times I’ve spent at some European square outside taking it all in!

4)  As We Travel’s post titled “The 5 Worst Movie Travel  Companions” is a great way to reminisce about these 5 movies containing a character that defines “worst travel companions”.  I have seen most of these movies and couldn’t argue with their choices.  I actually thought there were more than one character in some movies that would have been an equally good choice.  Not sure I would want to travel with John Candy’s character in Planes, Trains & Automobiles nor do I think any of the characters in Little Miss Sunshine would make my list of travel companions (except for Grandpa and Little Miss Sunshine).

5. Hectic Travel has a post in the Dear Uncle Calvin category that really makes you stop and think.  Yes we all have an Uncle Calvin type in our lives but why do we let them have so much control?  Further, why do some of us end up being the Uncle Calvin?  I don’t think there is a parent or relative around that doesn’t want their child(ren) to follow their own dreams.  Why then do we sometimes have such a difficult time letting them do this?  I know it is fear but I found this post making me more aware to NOT be Uncle Calvin!

Have you read any of these blogs?  What are your thoughts on them?



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