February 17, 2018

#FriFotos – Blooms

It’s a lovely spring Friday here in the San Francisco Bay area and the theme for today’s #FriFotos is Blooms.  Blooms and Spring seem to go together, don’t they?

As I was looking through some photo’s, I came across some lovely Blooms I discovered on a recent trip to Freiburg, Germany.

Flowers are one of things I love about Europe! They seem to be everywhere and one of my favorite places to see blooms are window boxes.  Freiburg’s New Town Hall had these lovely windows teeming with Blooms!

Freiburg Germany New Town Hall Window Blooms

When traveling I spend a lot of time just wandering aimlessly.  I found these simple but pretty table decorations wandering the streets of Freiburg’s Old Town.

Freiburg Germany Blooming Table Decorations
Another one of my favorite stops when traveling are the farmers markets!  A lot of markets not only have fresh vegetables, cheeses and fruits but other wonderful surprises which usually include flowers.  Freiburg has a lovely and historic farmers market every day!

Freiburg Germany Blooming Farmers Market


For a look at other Blooms, check out #FriFotos on Twitter!


Travel Foto Friday: Royaumont Abbey

While traveling in Europe we see a lot of beautiful and inspirational spots.  As I was flipping through some photos, I stumbled upon these of the Royaumont Abbey I had taken a few years back during a trip to France.

The Royaumont Abbey was founded in 1228 by Saint Louis, King of France and was occupied by Cistercian monks  until the Revolution.  This abbey is the largest Cistercian cloister in France.  As you can see the grounds are spectacular as is the Gothic architecture!

Royaumont Abbey outside Paris France

View of the Royaumont Abbey

These canals were used by the Cistercian’s as they are known for using water for energy purposes.

Royaumont Abbey outside Paris

Canals of Royaumont Abbey

The buildings of the Abbey are situated around the Gothic cloister.

Royaumont Abbey Courtyard outside Paris France

Royaumont Abbey Courtyard

Royaumont Abbey

Royaumont Abbey

The Royaumont Abbey is outside Paris and can be enjoyed as a day trip coupled with a stop in Auvers sur Oise.


Have you been to Royaumont Abbey?  What about other Cistercian Abbeys?



Foto Friday


Peaceful. Quiet.

Bucolic. Harmonious. Pastoral.

Placid. Serene. Slow. Tranquil. Rural.

However I define it, these pictures fill me with a sense of calm.

Walking up to Gruyeres Switzerland

Walking up to Gruyeres Switzerland

View from Gruyeres Switzerland

View from Gruyeres Switzerland

What is your definition of calm?