February 23, 2018

First Impressions of Mainz

I’ve left a rainy Freiburg and have arrived in Mainz!

Glad to have left the rain behind, I wandered the Old Town, visited the Cathedral and roamed a very nice Wine Festival.

This is a little of what I saw.

Started off with a little lunch. . . yup I’m eating again:)Carrot Soup Mainz Germany

The Old Town was crawling with people for the Saturday market.  It was full of fresh produce, food and wine!  What a great way to spend an afternoon.Market in Mainz Germany

St. Martin’s Cathedral dominates Mainz and rises up from the market.  This Romanesque and Gothic structure is big and beautiful.
St. Martin's Cathedral Mainz GermanyInside St. Martin's Cathedral Mainz Germany

Mainz is one of the main wine centers in Germany so it is fitting they would host a wonderful Wine Festival.  The Festival is held in a lovely park, Stadtpark, and is a place where young and old come together to enjoy wine (maybe not the real young) and the outdoors.Wine Festival Mainz Germany

Well I’m off to spend the day exploring more of Mainz!

Have you been to Mainz? What were your first impressions?


Many thanks to Historic Highlights of Germany for organizing this trip and to the wonderful people with the Mainz Tourist Office!