February 23, 2018

New Palace – Potsdam

Prussian Kings left such a legacy in Potsdam Germany that today it is known as a city of Palaces!

With 23 beautiful palaces truer words could not be spoken.  Some of the palaces are very well known such as Sanssouci and Cecilienhof while others are not so well-known.  One of these lesser known palaces is the exquisite and large New Palace.

Panorama New Palace Potsdam Germany

King Frederick the Great built the last Prussian Baroque palace to celebrate Prussian success in the Seven Years War.  Finished in 1769, this large palace is a testament to the superiority and nobility of Prussia.New Palace Potsdam Germany

I visited the palace during the celebration of King Frederick the Great’s 300th birthday.  The palace was full of memorabilia about the Kings life which included pieces not normally kept in the palace. Besides being able to see all the memorabilia, it also was a great way to see many of the 200+ rooms in the palace. Unfortunately pictures were not allowed inside but I can tell you the rooms are as opulent as you would imagine.  One of my favorites was this beautiful theater.

Theater New Palace Potsdam Germany

Theater New Palace Potsdam Germany by oxbox

The façade of the New Palace is adorned with many statues.  I noticed many were black with dirt and was shocked to learn this is the way they found the palace after reunification. The city is taking the time to clean the statues but it is a painstaking job!

Statues New Palace Potsdam Germany

The New Palace is set in the magnificent Sanssouci Park.  As I wandered around the palace grounds I noticed two smaller buildings that looked to be the same design as the palace. These turned out to be Communs which are buildings for the palace guards and servants plus they house the palace kitchen.  Pretty nice digs, aren’t they?Maid Quarters Potsdam Germany


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Many thanks to Historic Highlights of Germany for organizing this trip and to the wonderful people at the PotsdamTourist Office!  For more information please contact either organization or visit their websites.  Even though my trip was paid for by these organizations, all opinions are my own.