January 20, 2018

Go Go Travel Gadgets!

Traveling, especially to Europe, requires we take along some “gadgets” that make our trip easier.  For European travel, plug adapters are a must.  Yesterday, power converters were necessary but today they are a definite. . . maybe.   Over the years, I have collected a travel sized dual voltage hair dryer and curling iron that are powerful enough to handle my stubborn curly hair plus all my electronics (laptop, camera battery charger and cell phone) are also dual voltage which makes converters a thing of the past!

Even though I don’t usually buy new gadgets,
I found a couple I’m taking with me when I visit Germany next week.

  1. I’m always looking for ways to pare down the size of hair products I travel with.  A few weeks ago I read a review of Lush New solid cinnamon and clove shampoo that really piqued my interest.  The reviewer loved this stuff, going so far to say “I had one of the best hair days I’ve had in years” so I was eager to give it a try.   My exuberance diminished a bit when rereading the review I realized the reviewer was male but I decided to give it a try anyway.  Wish me luck!Lush Solid Shampoo
  2. Why is it that hotels don’t put enough outlets in them? Now days it seems there is always a rush in my hotel room to see who gets the outlet that’s easy to reach without moving furniture or unplugging lights!  Enter the Belkin Mini Surge Protector.  With this baby, I won’t have to rotate my chargeables because I have enough outlets to plug in my laptop, phone and camera battery at the same time.   And I haven’t even touched the 2 USB charging slots yet!Belkin Surge Protector

There you have it, 2 new gadgets I’m giving a try on this wonderful trip to Germany (more details will be coming next week :))!

When I return I’ll give you an update on how they worked.


What are your favorite gadgets you take with you when traveling?