January 18, 2018

Yin and Yang of Life in Innsbruck

Whether traveling in Paris, Munich or London, we have all seen Triumphal arches while wandering through Europe.

The arches we enjoy were inspired by the Romans and are usually built to commemorate war victories or founding a new colony, celebrating a new ruler or even a death of one.  The arches can represent a happy occasion or a sad one but in Innsbruck the triumphal arch actually commemorates both!

The building of the Triumphpforte (Triumphal Arch) was approved by Empress Maria Theresa to honor the wedding of her son.  Since there was not time to build a new arch, she had the existing south gate of Innsbruck renewed into this lovely example of a Roman arch.Triumphal Arch Innsbruck Austria

The year was 1765 and there was a bash going on in Innsbruck and all of Austria.  As the festivities wore on, the celebrating turned to grieving when out of the blue Maria Theresa’s husband, Emperor Franz I, died.

Standing on the southern end of Maria Theresien Strasse is this Triumphal Arch.  On the side facing north you will see marble reliefs celebrating the marriage of her son and on the other are reliefs that mourn the passing of her husband.


What Yin & Yang’s of Life have you seen in your travels?


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