February 23, 2018

Inspiring Tuscany

As a travel blog writer I also read quite a few travel blogs.  The other day as I was looking at the site www.mymelange.net, I clicked on the ‘about us’ link to read about the author Robin Locker Lacey.  It was an interesting read but the one thing that struck me was her inspiration to travel.  She was inspired to travel when she saw the movie Under the Tuscan Sun.  I found this interesting because I too have been inspired by Under the Tuscan Sun but the book written by Frances Mayes.

Tuscan Countryside Italy Europe

Tuscan Countryside

To me, this book was an amazing love story but not the same kind of love story portrayed in the movie.  Unlike the movie, the book told the love story between Frances and a country, Italy, and specifically, Tuscany.  She fell in love with and embraced every aspect of Italy – food, neighbors, house, land, customs and history.  The trials and tribulations she experienced while remodeling her home were exciting to me and made me long for the opportunity to do the same.

Tuscan Farm Italy Europe

Tuscan Farm

At the time I read the book, I had already been bitten by the love of European travel and needed no motivation to plan my next trip.  This book added a different level to my travels.  Books and movies both allow us to live vicariously through someone else but after reading this book I also felt a little twinge of longing.  Under the Tuscan Sun so inspired me that I have added living in Europe to my very own “bucket list”.  I haven’t decided where I will live (after living with Santa Ana winds most of my life, I am not sure I can tolerate the mistral of Southern France) but I will live in Europe, for an expanded period of time, before I die and I have Under the Tuscan Sun to thank for this.

What books or movies have inspired you to travel?  Tell me about them . . .

Tuscan Countryside picture by Rachel Scott Halls

Tuscan Farm picture by Serge Melki