January 20, 2018

The Hapburgs: Living Large in Life and Death

For better or worse, the Hapsburg’s left an undeniable mark on the history of Europe.  The historical capital of the dynasty is Vienna Austria and anyone visiting this Imperial city set along the Danube can not escape the Hapsburg Empire.

The Hapsburg’s are Vienna and while touring the many sites of this dynasty you learn about their history and get a glimpse of their opulent lives.  But this grandeur did not end at death!

More Imperial Crypt of Hapsburg Vienna Austria

Ornate crypts including some children

The Imperial Crypt is the resting place of 146 Hapsburg relatives dating back to 1633. The last person interred was Otto von Hapsburg, the son of Charles I, who died in 2011.

Entering the crypt you will notice a hush falling over the place much like in a cemetery.  This somber and respectful quiet is fitting since this is the final resting place of 12 Emperors and 18 Empresses.

Imperial Crypt of Hapsburg Vienna Austria

Crypt that is less ornate

The decoration on the sarcophagi ranges from very simple to extremely ornate. You can definitely tell who was important or at least thought they were! Inside each are wood coffins draped in different color fabric and trim depending on the stature of the person.

Crypt of Maria Theresa Vienna Austria

Crypt of Maria Theresa

On each sarcophagus you may see religious symbols and other symbols of power.  I’m not sure I understand the skulls with royal crowns, though.

Crypt Charles VI Holy Roman Emperor Vienna Austria

Crypt of Charles VI Holy Roman Emperor

Keeping with royal tradition, only the bodies are interred here.  The royal hearts are kept in urns at the Augustinerkirche while entrails are located in the catacombs below St. Stephens Cathedral.

Yes the Hapsburg’s lived large and rest in peace in much the same way.


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