January 18, 2018

The World of Violins in Mittenwald

Whether you enjoy Classical, Rock or Country music, if you listen to music your life has been touched by violins.  In a grand fusion, violins have moved from the concert halls of famous composers like Mozart to the arenas of Rock or Country music.  I’d like to think that charming Mittenwald Germany has had a little to do with this!Beautiful Violins Mittenwald Bavaria Germany

Salzburg is famous for its hills being alive with the Sound of Music but there is another village in the area that is famous for instruments that help make this beautiful music! For more than 300 years violins from this unassuming mountain village, located near the border of Tirol and Bavaria, have been famous in the musical world.  Even Mozart played a violin with the “made in Mittenwald” stamp!Violins Geigenbau Museum Mittenwald Bavaria Germany

Matthias Klotz was a violin maker from Mittenwald who brought his craft to this lovely town.  Since 1685 the industry of violin making has made a huge impact on the city as well as the surrounding area.Violin Museum Mittenwald Bavaria Germany

Knowing the place Mittenwald holds in the history of violins, I set out to find the Geigenbau Museum. Not only did I find a wonderful museum but one of my favorite buildings in all of Mittenwald! The museum is home to a grand collection of violins from the Klotz family and other violin masters dating back to the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.Workshop Violin Museum Mittenwald Bavaria Germany

Not only can you see some of these exquisite violins but there are also many other plucked instruments on display.  While exploring the museum you will find displays of Baroque and Modern violins, as well as a workshop and a history of Mittenwald’s violin trade.Instruments Violin Museum Mittenwald Germany

The Geigenbau Museum is a wonderful display of the culture that has shaped Mittenwald!


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